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February 6, 2014

Drawing With Kids

Check out this great challenge Sheila's taken up - she's drawing 29 faces during the month of February! Not only that, but she's constantly working on her skills, trying and improving new techniques, and is just so diligent. Totally under the mood she spreads I'm posting some art projects we've been doing over the past couple of weeks.
Смотрите, какой вызов приняла Шила - она нарисует 29 портретов в течение февраля! И не только, она постоянно работает над своими навыками, пробует и совершенствует новые техники, и просто очень ответственно подходит к творчеству. Полностью под влиянием настроения, которое она распространяет, публикую наши недавние творческие проекты.

The task is to draw a portrait of a favourite toy - inspiration guaranteed!
Задание - нарисовать портрет любимой игрушки! Вдохновение обеспечено!

Mom wasn't home and Daddy entertained the kids with this assignment - let's make sketches of one another!
Мамы не было дома, и папа развлек детей заданием - давайте рисовать наброски друг с друга!

Daddy's sketches of the boys:
Папины наброски с мальчишек:

Our 6 year old's sketch of Dad:
Наш средний рисовал папу:

And of his little brother:
И младшего брата:

And of his toy again:
И опять игрушку:

And of this wooden figure:
И эту деревянную модель:

And the youngest drew his Dad:
И младший нарисовал папу:


  1. Oh my goodness, your son's portrait of his stuffed animal is absolutely amazing! Young children often have such an intuitive sense of composition that just make their work come alive. And the sketches are rich as well. Good for Dad pulling out the art supplies while Mom was gone!

  2. I will pass your compliments, Sheila! And thanks for inspiring me - I hope to get to draw more too!